Suzhou Walking Tour

                                                                  Suzhou Walking Tour
Begin at the North Bus Station and take Renmin Lu south to Xi or Dong Bei Jie. Take a left and stop at the Beisi Ta (North Temple Pagoda). Continue east to the Zhuo Zheng Yuan (Humble Administrator’s Garden), on the left, just after crossing Quimen Lu. This is the largest and perhaps most beautiful garden in the city.

Next go south on Yuan Lin Lu and stop at Shizi Lin (Lion’s Grove Garden) on the left. This garden relies on shapes and configurations of rocks for many of its landscapes and is a delight to explore. Next, continue south on what is now Lin Dun Lu for several blocks, then turn right on Guanquian Lu and turn right again to reach the Daoist Xuanmiao Guan (Temple of Mystery).

Go back to Lin Dun Lu and south to its end, then turn left and then right onto Fenghuang Jie. Check out Shuang Ta (Twin Pagoda), on the left, and then continue south to Shiquan Jie and turn left to Wangshu Yuan (Master of the Nets Garden).

Go back to Fenghuang Jie and turn left, then right onto Zhului Lu westward, then left again on Dong Da Lu to visit the Pan Men Scenic Area. Note especially the Wu Men Bridge, the Pan Men Gate, and the Ruigang Pagoda.

Next, go north to Xinshi Lu, turn left, then right onto Panmen Lu which changes names several times. Turn left onto Zhongshi Lu which eventually becomes Fengaiao Lu and runs along a canal. Take a right and left onto Liuyan Lu and then right and left again onto Xiyuan and the Xi Yuan (West Garden Temple).

Retrace steps eastward, then turn left onto Guangji Dajie which leads back to the North Bus Station. Check out the Baodai Qiao (Belt Bridge) as you pass Renmin Lu. Buses back to Shanghai leave frequently from this station.


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