Themed Road Trip — Northern Baseball Parks

   Two (2) baseball parks are fairly well isolatedf from the others and probably should be visited in a separate trip. I thought about including Detroit with the Midwestern Road Trip but felt it added too many miles, and I considered adding Toronto to the Eastern trip, but, again, the distances seemed excessive. Thus we have this small pick-me-up trip to include these two franchises.
    I will begin in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the only major league team left in Canada. The stadium, once known as the Sky Dome, was the first baseball park with a retractable roof, necessary here because of the early arrival of winter weather. The first Toronto Blue Jays game took place here in 1989. Later, in 2005, the stadium was purchased by Rogers Communications, and it is now known as the Rogers Centre.
    From Toronto, Canada Route 403 leads to Detroit, Michigan, a distance of a little over 200 miles.


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