Top 100 Tourist Attractions in America — # 96-100

Here are Gary’s choices for the Top 100 tourist attractions in the United States of America. The best of the hundreds of popular places to visit in the USA are presented in descending order.

This is the first installment in the series and, although these places are last on Gary’s list, they are wonderful places to visit.

100. Branson, MO — Quite possibly the best example of the adage, “build it and they will come,” Branson attracts thousands of tourists annually to its combination of great entertainment and outdoor activities.

Town Square, Branson Landing

99. Waterfires, Providence, RI — A unique rendering of “fire on the water,” this spectacle is repeated a handful of times during the spring, summer, and fall, to the delight of thousands of spectators.


98. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO — Set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains this service academy is special because of the chapel, designed and built by beloved American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Air Force Academy

97. Cape May, NJ — One of America’s first beach vacation areas, Cape May combines Victorian elegance and architecture with Jersey shore activities.

96. Scott’s Bluff National Historic Site, NB — Once a prominent landmark and staging area for wagon trains and other settlers, this area has become a monument to the bravery and persistence of these intrepid travelers.

Scott’s Bluff National Historic Site


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