Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland — #46-50

A visit to Austria, Germany, and/or Switzerland is a wonderful experience. There are many fabulous palaces and castles, several architecturally stunning cities, and numerous small towns, perfectly landscaped and presented. There is enough history to satisfy the most curious and plenty of great museums, as well.

Here are Gary’s top 50 tourist attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland presented in descending order from less important to most important.

50. Memories of a Divided City, Berlin, Germany — This particular entry focuses primarily on the former East German border area. Included here are “Checkpoint Charlie” and the Brandenburg Gate, among other sights.

49. Belvedere Palace, Vienna, Austria — This striking and elaborate palace, just outside the Alstadt, contains a museum of Austria’s unfortunate history.

Belvedere Palace

48. Glacier Express, Switzerland — This incredible train ride from St Moritz to Zermatt offers a truly scenic journey through the picturesque Swiss Alps.

47. Berchtesgaden — The moutain-top retreat where Adolph Hitler finally met his end has become a popular tourist attractions in southern Germany.

46. Herrenchiemsee, southern Germany — One of Mad King Ludwig II’s three (3) castles, this one was built on an island in the lake of the same name.

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