Top 40 Tourist Attractions in Canada — #26-30

Canada is a huge country, the second largest in the world. It is replete with incredible natural areas, and, as it has grown in population, its cities have taken their place among the world’s greatest. In this series, I will explore the top 40 tourist attractions in Canada as we tour this wonderful land.

Most of this group of the top 40 tourist attractions in Canada feature incredible beauty and interesting geology.

30. Mt Revelstoke National Park, British Columbia — Mt Revelstoke’s looming presence signals an entry into the Rocky Mountains as one travels from west to east across Canada.


29. Louisbourg Fortress, Louisbourg, Nova Scotia — This open-air museum on the eastern coast of Cape Breton is a recreation of this fort as it looked in about 1740.

King’s Bastion, Louisbourg

28. Moraine Lake, Banff National Park — At the base of the Valley of the Ten Peaks sits this gorgeous lake with its incredible blue-green water.

Moraine Lake

27. Fundy National Park, New Brunswick — This park preserves a chunk of the shoreline of the place which features the greatest tidal difference in the world. High tide and low tide on the Bay of Fundy can differ by as much as thirty (30) feet!

Bay of Fundy

26. Lake Louise, Banff National Park — This is another of Banff National Park’s ¬†gorgeous lakes. Here the Canadian railroad has built a famous hotel, Chateau Lake Louise, to entice visitors to this remote area.

Lake Louise

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