Top 40 Tourist Attractions on the Iberian Peninsula — #6-10

The Iberian Peninsula is located in the southwestern corner of Europe and consists of Spain and Portugal. The connection of the peninsula to the rest of Europe is punctuated by the Pyrenees Mountain Range. Spain and Portugal, because of their proximity to Northern Africa have Moorish roots (for approximately 500 years) along with Roman influences (since the region was conquered in the Second Punic War). The two countries have millions of visitors each year who come to see the many cities and towns with their rich histories.

We have reached the best of the top 40 tourist attractions on the Iberian Peninsula. Most of the sights in this group are Iberia’s most popular cities and towns.

10. Seville’s Cathedral and Alcazar — One of the world’s largest cathedrals can be found in this capital of Andalusia, one of Spain’s most visited regions (Walking Tour is available for just $1.49 on the website).

Cathedral & Giralda, Seville

9. Toledo, Spain — One of Spain’s most visited cities lies just southeast of Madrid. It is noteworthy for its walled city center which is fun to walk (Walking Tour is available for just $1.49 on the website).

Bisagra Gate, Toledo

8. Segovia, Spain — This town, located to the northwest of Madrid, has three significant attractions — a Roman aqueduct (which still operates), El Alcazar, a fanciful castle, and a beautiful cathedral (Walking Tour is available for just $1.49 on the website).

Roman Aqueduct

7. Belem District, Lisbon, Portugal — Much of Lisbon’s charm and major attractions are found here, several miles from the Lisbon city center. Here visitors will find the Monument to the Seafarers and other noteworthy sights.

6. Sintra, Portugal — Here is a city of palaces, just outside of Lisbon. Sintra was where the royalty of Portugal chose to erect their elaborate castles (Walking Tour is available for $1.49 on the website).

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