Top 50 Tourist Attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland — #16-20

A visit to Austria, Germany, and/or Switzerland is a wonderful experience. There are many fabulous palaces and castles, several architecturally stunning cities, and numerous small towns, perfectly landscaped and presented. There is enough history to satisfy the most curious and plenty of great museums, as well.

Here are Gary’s top 50 tourist attractions in Austria, Germany, & Switzerland presented in descending order from less important to most important.

20. Cologne Cathedral, Germany — One of the world’s great cathedrals took 600 years to complete. Today it dominates the skyline of Cologne.

19. Dinkelsbuhl, Germany — Another enchanting village along the Romantic Road, Dinkelsbuhl has intact medieval walls and lovely buildings along its cobblestone roads.

18. Nymphenburg, Munich, Germany — This fabulous palace, once the residence of the powerful Wittelsbach family, rivals Versailles in splendor.


17. Lugano, Switzerland — This adorable location, near the Swiss border with Italy, has a delightful climate and an idyllic setting on Lake Lugano.

Lake Lugano

16. Residenz, Wurzburg — One of Germany’s most elaborate palaces, the Residenz is a Baroque masterpiece.

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