Top 50 Tourist Attractions in China — #31-35

China is an amazing country from the perspective of tourism. Now that more and more world travelers are venturing into this ancient land, they are discovering the many destinations which China has to offer. This series of posts will highlight the best of China, according to Gary. It includes many places that we visited on our memorable journey to this country, as well as other sights suggested by guide books and fellow travelers.

This group of the top 50 tourist attractions in China includes one of the country’s best museums and several of its most charming towns.

35. Dali — This idyllic spot in Yunnan Province was once the origin of the Nanzhao civilization which reached its zenith between 750 and 850 AD.

34. Temple of Heaven, Beijing — This temple complex includes the exquisite Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, one of Beijing’s most recognized structures.

Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

33.  Shaanxi Museum, Xi’an — This interesting museum contains many of the best-preserved pieces from the tomb of the Emperor Qin (of Terra Cotta Warriors fame).

Terra Cotta Archer inside the Shaanxi Museum

32. Kunming — China’s “City of Spring” has been named such because of its typically good weather. It is the major entryway into Yunnan Province.

31. Yanshuo — This town sits at the end of the Li River cruises that offers some of China’s best scenery. The town is charming and offers great shopping as well as wonderful views of the Karst landscape surrounding it.


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