Top 60 Tourist Attractions in Italy — #16-20

Italy has so many amazing travel destinations. It is the number one travel destination in Europe! Obviously many more than sixty of these attractions could have been listed, but we have only been through some of the country in our two trips there. So, my list is compilation of attractions that I have seen and those that others consider to be must-sees. I will list the top 60 tourist attractions in Italy in installments of five destinations per post, counting down to the best of the best.

This installment includes two Tuscan hill towns, the smallest republic in the world, one idyllic community on the Amalfi Coast and an important historical site in Rome.

20. Lucca — This hill town in Tuscany is famous as the birthplace of Italian opera composer, Puccini. The adorable town boasts medieval walls and a compact, easy-to-negotiate town center.

Main Square, Lucca

19. San Gimignano — This town is noteworthy because of its many towers, symbols of wealth in medieval times. It is located in Tuscany, between Florence and Siena.

Piazza Cisterna, San Gimignano

18. Roman Forum — This was the center of Rome during the Empire days. Visitors here can walk on the same cobblestones that Julius Caesar walked.

Roman Forum

17. Positano — The most enchanting of the villages along the Amalfi Coast, Positano oozes charm and ambiance.


16. San Marino — The smallest republic in the world is completely surrounded by Italy. San Marino is located near the Adriatic coast in northeastern Italy.

San Marino

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