Top 60 Tourist Attractions in Italy — #36-40

Italy has so many amazing travel destinations. It is the number one travel destination in Europe! Obviously many more than sixty of these attractions could have been listed, but we have only been through some of the country in our two trips there. So, my list is compilation of attractions that I have seen and those that others consider to be must-sees. I will list the top 60 tourist attractions in Italy in installments of five destinations per post, counting down to the best of the best.

40. Palermo, Sicily — The largest city on the island of Sicily is known as the center of Mafia activities in the region so comes with a threatening reputation. However, the city has largely emerged from this shadow and welcomes thousands of visitors each year (Walking Tour is available for $1.49 on this website).

39. Pienza — This Tuscan town is known primarily for its elaborate “palazzos” (palaces) and its Renaissance Cathedral.

38. Montalcino — Another Tuscan hill town known for its local wine, Brunello di Montalcino, celebrated worldwide. The town is just west of Pienza (see #39 above).

37. Naples — According to many, this is the place to find authentic Italy, unchanged by modern incursions or by tourism. This is also the birthplace of pizza, one of the world’s most popular foods (Walking Tour available for $1.49 on this website).

36. Volterra — Here is a Tuscan hill town with a truly impressive history. Volterra was once an Etruscan town, then a Roman town (its amphitheater has been recently excavated), and is now a popular stop for visitors to Tuscany.

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