Top 60 Tourist Attractions in the United Kingdom — #56-60

England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as a group, is known as the United Kingdom. These countries are all intimately affiliated but are unique and separate, offering a diverse collection of attractions for the tourist.

Here is the first installment of the top 60 tourist attractions in the United Kingdom.

60. London Eye, London, England — This giant ferris wheel on the Thames has offered the best views in London since 1999 when it was built.

London Eye

59. Blair Castle, Blair Athol, Scotland – One of Scotland’s more unusual castles, due to its color — pure white — was begun in 1269.

Blair Castle

58. Princes Park, New Town, Edinburgh — Across the street from Edinburgh’s chief shopping street, Princes Park offers views of Edinburgh Castle and contains a memorial to Sir Walter Scott, the country’s famous writer.

Sir Walter Scott Memorial

57. Tintern Abbey, Wales — The ruins of this Abbey which dates to 1131 inspired a famous poem by William Wordsworth.

56. Housestead’s Fort — The ruins of this outpost along Hadrian’s Wall gives visitor an opportunity to imagine what this area looked like around 200 AD.

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