Travel Bucket List # 12 — Religious Places of the World

         Much of the history of the world is also religious history since religion is so much a part of most cultures. Many of the bloodiest wars were fought for religious reasons as well. Since religion is an integral part of the life of many citizens of the world, it’s no wonder that there are so many amazing religious structures and religious sites around the world. My extensive, but by no means exhaustive, list follows.

               Ajanta Caves — Near Aurangabad, India

              Basilica of Notre Dame* — Montreal, Canada

              Basilica of St Francis* — Assisi, Italy

              Basilica of St Mark* — Venice, Italy

              Basilica of St Peter* — Vatican City, Rome, Italy

              Basilica of the Holy Blood* — Bruges, Belgium

              Bath Abbey* — Bath, England

              Blue Mosque* — Istanbul, Turkey

               Buddha of Po Lin* — Hong Kong, China

               Cathedral of St Eulalia — Barcelona, Spain

               Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See* — Seville, Spain

               Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo* — Toledo, Spain

               Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela — Santiago de Compostela, Spain

               Chartres Cathedral* — Chartres, France

               Church of the Holy Sepulcher — Jerusalem, Israel

               Church of the Nativity — Bethlehem, Israel

               Cristo Redentor — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

               Dome of the Rock — Jerusalem, Israel

              Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore)* — Florence, Italy

              Duomo (Basilica di Santa Maria Nascente)* — Milan, Italy

              Duomo (Santa Maria Assunta)* — Siena, Italy

              Ellora Caves — Near Aurangabad, India

              Ettal Monastery* — Ettal, Germany

              Frauenkirchen* — Munich, Germany

              Giant Buddha of Leshan — Leshan City, China

              Ginkaku-ji Temple — Kyoto, Japan

               Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

               Great Buddha of Kamakura — Kamakura, Japan

              Hagia Sophia* — Istanbul, Turkey

              High Cathedral of Saints Peter and Mary — Cologne, Germany

               Hofkirche* — Innsbruck, Austria

               Kings College Chapel* — Cambridge, England

              La Mezquita* — Cordoba, Spain

              Man Mo Temple* — Hong Kong, China

              Melk Abbey* — Melk, Austria

              Meteora Monasteries — Near Kalambaka, Greece

              Monastery of St John the Theologian* — Patmos, Greece

              Montserrat Monastery — North of Barcelona, Spain

              Mont-St-Michel Abbey* — Mont-St-Michel, France

              Munster of Bern* — Bern, Switzerland

              Niewe Kerk* — Delft, Netherlands

              Notre Dame Cathedral* — Paris, France

              Palais des Papes — Avignon, France

              Piazza dei Miracoli* — Pisa, Italy

              Potala Palace — Lhasa, Tibet

              Rock Churches — Lalibela, Ethiopia

              Sacre Coeur Church* — Paris, France

              Sagrada Familia — Barcelona, Spain

              Santa Croce Church* — Florence, Italy

              Santa Maria della Grazie Church — Milan, Italy

              Shwedagon Pagoda — Yangon, Myanmar

              Stephansdom* — Vienna, Austria

              St Basil’s Cathedral — Moscow, Russia

              St Giles Cathedral* — Edinburgh, Scotland

              St Isaac’s Cathedral — St Petersburg, Russia

              St Mary’s Church* — Krakow, Poland

              St Patrick’s Cathedral — Dublin, Ireland

              St Paul’s Cathedral* — London, England

              St Vitus’ Cathedral* — Prague, Czech Republic

              Temple of Karnak — Luxor, Egypt

              Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic — Kandy, Sri Lanka

              Todaiji Temple Complex — Nara, Japan

              Wat Pho* — Bangkok, Thailand

              Wat Phra Kaew* — Bangkok, Thailand

              Wat Phra That Doi Suthep — Chiang Mai, Thailand

              Westminster Abbey* — London, England

              Wieskirche* — Wies, Germany

              York Minster* — York, England

      Total = 68 (I have been to 40 -satisfactory but not wonderful!).

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