Travel Quotation 10 – Noel Coward

   Noted playwright Noel Coward once said,
           "But why, oh why, do the wrong people travel, when the right people stay at home?"
    Mr Coward probably means refers to the large numbers of people who travel, but really don’t have an open mind, don’t put much effort into it (they let others do the planning and excuting for them), and, ultimately, get very little out of their travels. These are contrasted with the people who don’t travel because they are too busy working, creating, or leading whatever they are involved with at home. The latter would probably make great travelers but they never seem to find the time.
    My take on this is the former group should consider staying home, since they are probably the typical "ugly American" types, who treat locals with disdain and give the rest of us a bad rap. As for the second group, they should make time to travel, even if it is just to research their chosen field in other countries.


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