Travel Quotation 40 – Muriel Rukeyser

        Muriel once stated,
            "The journey is my home."
         This concise statement seems to say it all. Life is a journey and it changes day after day, thus home is not a stable place, but rather a state of mind, fraught with dangers and experiences. All we have to do is adapt, in order to continue on the journey. Sure, we will have setbacks and periods of time which are extremely stressful, but, if we treat life like a journey, we will be in a new place tomorrow, and perhaps things will be better.
          For those of us with true wanderlust, we are content when we are traveling, just as others are content when they are in a familiar environment. We prefer the unfamiliar, and derive our enjoyment from the excitement of dealing with new people and new places. Join me on this journey, by searching my website for chronicles of trips-past or ideas about future trips.


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