Travel Quotation 5 – Rene Descartes

    Rene Descartes, noted philosopher, said:
             "Traveling is almost like talking with men of other centuries."
     Descartes realized that people and cultures around the world are so different that traveling is very much like time-travel. Anyone who has visited a small village in Europe or an island in the Caribbean or a city in the Deep South of the United States will concur. Sure, the media typically reports from a place which is grounded in 2007, such as, New York City or Paris or Istanbul, but this is not so true out in the countryside, where people are often involved in doing the same things they have done for centuries and life is much different.
     So, even though Einstein proved that time-travel is impossible (since nothing can exceed the speed of light), travelers in our world today can travel through time by just taking a trip to a country very different from their own. I’ll see you in another world! 


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