Useful Travel Information #23 – Strive for Breakfast-Included Hotels

      Everyone has heard the expression, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” I would like to modify the expression to say, “breakfast is the best meal of the day if it’s free.” Many hotels offer free breakfast. Sometimes what is offered is a continental breakfast, basically breakfast rolls or toast and coffee.

     Continental breakfasts in Europe have been the standard for many, many years (and some of these breakfast are quite elaborate). Lately, US hotels have jumped on the band wagon and begun to offer breakfasts, included in the cost of the hotel. This is one of the reasons that we love Hampton Inns (see post #22 above).

     The reasons that it’s so important to get breakfast included are many: it is always wise to get fortified by a good breakfast before a long day of sightseeing; to find and sit down for a breakfast is time-consuming and takes away from your itinerary (having it served right in your hotel saves time and energy); if the breakfast is substantial, as it is in Hampton Inns, you may be able to forego lunch and just eat two meals per day (a very good savings)..

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