Vancouver & Alaska – Day 10

     During our last day at sea, we are traveling northwestward in the Gulf of Alaska, parallel with the coast. We are heading for College Fjord and then Whittier, our disembarkation point. The gulf has been remarkably tranquil — it has the potential to be much rougher here. We have been very fortunate with weather and we hope this continues. Sorry that the blog posts have been somewhat sporadic — internet access has been very frustrating at times, and it is also expensive. I will try to post pictures from College Fjord later today.
     What an incredible spot!  College Fjord is described as a "Hidden Jewel" and it certainly is. It has a large concentration of tidewater glaciers in a small space! We also saw much wildlife – a Minke Whale, several porpoises, two bald eagles, and quite a few sea otters.


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