Vancouver & Alaska – Day 5

       Today, we were at sea the entire day, making our way northward on the Inside Passage. The morning was somewhat interesting since we passed many islands en route. There were very few communities, since this area is largely uninhabited. We passed through "the Narrows," during the night, a section which would probably have been fascinating to observe — I did notice, when I stirred in the wee hours, that the land was extremely close to us, but I didn’t get up.
       The scenery during the afternoon was boring, since we traversed the Hecate Sound, a part of the journey exposed to the Pacific Ocean, far from any land mass. We did spot several whale spouts, but were not close enough to actually see any whales — chances are they were Humpback Whales, since they are fairly common in the channels of the Inside Passage.
        Instead, we concerned ourselves with events on the cruise ship. We attended a lecture about the ports of call, and about the many shopping opportunities available. John and I participated in a Trivia Contest, but we didn’t do particularly well. Tonight is the formal night so we will all be dressed in our finery. I’ll try to post a few pictures after dinner.
       Tomorrow is our first port – Ketchikan — where we spend about 5 hours. I’m looking forward to stepping back on land for a bit.


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