Vancouver & Alaska – Summary and Aftermath

     Now that we are back, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the trip specifics, before we forget. Therefore, we always do an assessment of the highlights, which I will relate over the next two days.  Here they are!
           Best Shopping:
                All four (4) of us liked Ketchikan as the best place to do your vacation shopping.
           Best City:
                John & Barbara liked Vancouver best of all.
                Lee & I liked Victoria
           Best Small Town:
                Lee, Barbara, & John liked Juneau
                I preferred Ketchikan
           Best Hotel:
                All of felt that the Cruise Ship (Coral Princess) won this contest, hands down, but I made everyone pick a true hotel as well:
                All of us except John picked the Denali Princess Lodge
                John liked the Delta Vancouver
          Best Dinner:
                Once again, the cruise ship had the best dinners overall, but when we eliminated it from the competition:
                Barbara & Gary chose the Rain City Grille in Vancouver
                Lee & John preferred the Irish Times Pub in Victoria
          More tomorrow!


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