Walking Tour of Bergen, Norway


            Walking Tour of Bergen, Norway


Bergen is a fascinating port city on the western coast of Norway, with many sights and much history, particularly Viking history.  It also serves as the primary gateway to Fjordland.


            My walk begins in Bryggen, the remains of the medieval, Hanseatic League (an alliance of trading guilds which comprised the countries bordering the Baltic Sea) town which evolved into the modern city of Bergen.  Bryggen is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and consists of a row of restored timber houses that line the harbor-front.

            From here, walk westward, along the waterfront, to reach the site where Bergen’s royal palace once stood. All that remains of the complex are the Rosenkrantz Tower and Hakonshallen, both 13th century constructions. After your guided tour of the pair of structures, return to Bryggen, and then turn left on Sandbrogaten, then to Dreggsallmennigen, to get to the oldest building in the city, Mariakirke. Check out the altar and pulpit, among other interesting features of the interior.

            Return to the harbor and turn left. The Hanseatic Museum is ahead, on your left. It will give you a flavor of what life was like here, three hundred or so years ago.

            After your visit, continue east, and then turn left on Vetrlidsalm to reach the funicular, Floibanen, which will transport you to the top of one of Bergen’s hills (over 1000 feet above sea level), for fantastic views of the city and its surroundings.

            When you return to the station, retrace your steps, and then continue straight ahead on Torget, which changes names several times. At Lars Hilles Gate, turn left to see the city music hall, Grieghallen, on your right. Now, continue on Lars Hilles Gate, and then turn left on Stromgaten, and left again on Marken. This street also changes names several times. At Domkirkegaten, turn left to see Bergen’s modern City Hall. Then, reverse direction to visit the Cathedral (Domkirken).             From the cathedral, walk west on Kong Oscars Gate, which leads straight to Bryggen, where the walking tour started.


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