Walking Tour of Bern, Switzerland

            Walking Tour of Bern, Switzerland

    Begin at the Bear Pit at the far eastern end of town (there is a parking lot nearby). The Brown Bear has long been a symbol of the city and, despite protests, a group of them are still kept here.

   Upon crossing the bridge take Gerechtigkeitgasse heading west. Check out the Weaver’s Guild at #68 with its golden griffin and the Justice Fountain. Turn right at the first intersection to reach the lovely Town Hall (Rathaus). Then head back to Gerechtigkeitgasse and turn right. The street now becomes Kramgasse.

    Several more fountains adorn the street and notice Einstein’s House on the left. Soon you will reach the famous Clock Tower (Glockenspiel), symbol of the city. Be sure to time your visit with the hourly progression of figures that fascinate the crowds (the show begins at four minutes before the hour).

    Continue west (the street becomes Marktgasse) to Bear Square (where the bear pit used to be). Notice the Prison Gate, which dates from the 1200’s and was the city’s western gate in the 13th and 14th centuries.

    Take a left at the square and head for Bundesplatz, named for the Federal Assembly Building on the square.

    Turn left and head east on Amthausgasse which becomes Munstergasse and leads to Bern’s Cathedral, the Munster. Notice, in particular, the painted carvings of heaven and hell above the main door.

    After your visit, continue eastward on what is now Junkerngasse which leads back to the Nydegg Bridge where you came in.

    Before returning to your car, however, turn left after the Bear Pit and climb the road to the Rose Garden. The way up has glorious views of the Bern rooftops and the Aare River passing by.


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