Walking Tour of Conwy, Wales


                  Walking Tour of Conwy, Wales


            This walled, medieval town, on the north coast of Wales, is finally being appreciated by travelers, after decades of neglect. Its walls are among the best-preserved in Britain, and the town is compact and pleasant to walk.


            My walk begins in Castle Square, in the northeastern corner of the village. Visit Conwy Castle first. Its massive, 700-year-old presence presides over the town.

            After your visit, walk down Rose Hill Street and then turn right onto Church Street. The narrow alley, on your right, leads to St Mary’s Church, another of the town’s medieval landmarks.

            Return to Church Street and turn right to enter Lancaster Square, notable for the beautiful and impressive Statue of Llewelyn the Great at its center. Now turn left onto Rosemary Lane and then right, along the walls to the Upper Gate.

            At this point, you can access the City Walls, themselves. Stroll along the walls, first to the west and then turning northward. There are lovely views of the town, from above, and also of the countryside. Conwy’s walls stretch for almost a mile and are about thirty feet high.

            Descend from the walls in the northwestern corner of town (when you reach the waterfront) and walk eastward on Berry Street, and then turn right onto Chapel Street. Turn left at the narrow alleyway, on your left, which leads past Plas Mawr, a rich nobleman’s palace, built in 1576.            Emerge from the alley on High Street and turn left. Aberconwy House, built in the 1300’s for a well-to-do merchant, is ahead, at the corner of Castle Street. Turn right onto Castle Street and head for Castle Square. However, when you reach the square, turn left, toward the bridge, and then turn left again on the path which leads to the city docks. You will get a different perspective of the walls, from the outside of town. Continue along the quay to the northwest, where you will find what some consider the “smallest house in Britain,” a red, fisherman’s cottage, built into a wall tower. Now, return, along the same path, back to Castle Square, where the walking tour began. 


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