Walking Tour of Ljubljana, Slovenia


            Walking Tour of Ljubljana, Slovenia


Ljubljana, Slovenia, which has been described as a “little Prague,” has much of the beauty and charm of the latter, but without the hordes of tourists.  Even though it is a fairly large city, Ljubljana has a small town feel, and, because of its University, seems forever young-at-heart.


My walk begins at Mestni trg, one of the charming squares in the Old Town. The centerpiece of the square is the Robba Fountain (actually the Fountain of the Three Rivers of Carniola), named after the Italian sculptor who designed it. On one side of the square is Ljubljana’s Town Hall. Check out its courtyard.

Leave the square by walking to the northeast on Ciril Metodov trg, which leads to the Cathedral of St Nicholas. Its twin towers are an Old Town landmark. The frescoes inside are particularly nice.

Market Square, which contains an open-air produce market, is behind the cathedral. The Vodnik Statue, dedicated to a Slovenian priest, stands at the center of the square. Take a walk along the elegant Colonnade, beside the Ljubljanica River before proceeding with the walk.

Exit the Central Market at its southern end to cross over the Triple Bridge and emerge in Presernov trg, home of the lovely, pink Franciscan Church of the Annunciation. Also on the square are several Art Nouveau buildings, as well as a statue of the square’s namesake, France Preseren, a poet.

From here, walk west on Copova ul, a delightful pedestrian-only street, and then turn left on Slovenska. Ahead, on your right, is the unusual façade of the Ursuline Church of the Holy Trinity, at the west end of a large square, Kongresni trg. Other significant structures on this plaza include the main building of Ljubljana University, once home to the parliament, and Philharmonic Hall, where the city’s symphony performs.

Leave the square to the south, on Vegova, which runs alongside the remainder of the university, to Trg Francoske Revolucije, to find the Ilirija Column, dedicated to Napoleon. From here, walk east on Cesta to Breg and turn left along the river, then cross the river on the first available bridge. Now, turn right again, to Stari trg, and walk up to Ljubljana Castle via Reber ul. Visit what you can of the castle, climb the Castle Tower, and check out the chapel and Pentagonal Tower before leaving.Exit the castle grounds on Studentovska ul, which will deposit you in Market Square, so walk a short distance south, to Mestni trg, where the walk began.


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