Walking Tour of Miami Beach, Florida, USA


     Walking Tour of Miami Beach, Florida


Miami Beach, Florida is the nightlife capital of the USA these days.  Besides the many Art Deco buildings, lit up in the evenings with multi-colored neon, and the many bars and nightclubs, there is a long white sandy beach, frequented by the “beautiful people” so that they may obtain and show off their tans.


My walk begins at one of the most evocative and moving memorials, dedicated to the Holocaust, in the entire United States. The Miami Holocaust Memorial sits at 1933-1945 Meridian Avenue, near its intersection with Dade Boulevard. Visit the distinctive epicenter of the memorial, a single, bronze (green) arm extended upward and being climbed by numerous sculpted figures. Then wander the lovely grounds, which include a memorial wall and other displays.

From here, walk south on Meridian Avenue, past Flamingo Park, and then turn left on 11th Street, and right on Washington Avenue, into the heart of the Art Deco District. Continue south on Washington, admiring the colorful, pastel colors and interesting architecture of the buildings, all the way to 2nd Street, and then turn left.

Turn left again on Ocean Drive, to see more of these intriguing buildings. World-famous South Beach, a Mecca for the young and beautiful, as well as the “wanna-bes”, is on your right. Try to alternate between walking the beach and the road, as you work your way northward. At the end of Ocean Drive, turn left, and then right onto Collins Avenue.

From here you have several options. You may continue the walking tour a bit by doing #1 below. You can abbreviate the tour by following the directions in #2.

1.  When you reach Collins Park (at 21st Street), turn left and then right onto Park Avenue, to visit the Bass Museum of Art (at #2121). After your visit, return to 21st Street and turn right, and then left onto Dade Boulevard, to return to the Holocaust Memorial, where you started.

2.  Walk north on Collins Avenue to Lincoln Road and turn left. This street becomes a pedestrian-only promenade, which lined with shops and restaurants. When you reach Meridian Avenue, turn right to reach the starting point.


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