Walking/Driving Tour of Washington, DC

     The United States of America’s capital city is a treasure trove of sights, museums, and architecture. Below is a combination walking and driving tour of the capital which includes most of the locations that a typical tourist would not want to miss. Three days is the minimum amount of time necessary to complete this itinerary.
                                                              Washington DC Walking/Driving Tour
                                                                   (tour begins in nearby Virginia)

       Take 395 into town via 14th St to Constitution Ave and take a left toward monuments. Park on 22nd St and view the Einstein Memorial (at National Academy of Sciences Bldg). Leave car and cross street to Mall. Visit Vietnam War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War memorial and Women’s War Memorial. Drive to Jefferson Memorial and Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (via Ohio Dr to West Basin Dr to East Basin Dr). Have supper at Old Ebbet Grill (675 15th St NW). View lighted monuments and then return to hotel.

       Drive to Mall. Park near Washington Monument. Walk to White House (cross Constitution and Ellipse to 15th St. Take White House tour. After tour, walk to Renwick Gallery to view "Gamefish". Then walk back to Washington Monument. Take elevator to top (if possible) and view city.

       Back to car. Drive West on Constitution to Arlington Memorial Bridge (South on 23rd St and around Lincoln Memorial. Park at Arlington Cemetery Visitor Center. Visit Kennedy gravesites, the Custis-Lee Mansion, and Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. View the changing of the guard (every hour on the hour). If time permits, take George Washington Pkwy South to Mount Vernon. (Optional). Go to Mass or at least visit the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception (take 1st St or Capitol St North to Michigan Ave to Catholic University).

      Drive to Mall and park on Jefferson or Independence Ave. Go to Air and Space Museum, then Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, then to Castle. Then cross Mall to American History Museum (on Madison, near 14th St), then East to National Gallery of Art.

      After lunch, visit Holocaust Memorial (14th St @ Raoul Wallenberg Place). Leave city via Constitution Ave and Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge. Exit North on GW Pkwy to Theo Roosevelt Island parking lot (on right). Take footpath to Memorial. Upon leaving drive by Iwo Jima Memorial.

      Drive to Hains Point (East Potomac Park), just beyond the FDR Memorial to view "The Awakening". Then drive through Georgetown (Constitution Ave West to Potomac Pkwy, past Kennedy Center to M St). If time permits, park the car (finding spaces is very difficult here) and stroll the area.  Out of Georgetown, take P St East to Dupont Circle, then south on Connecticut Ave to Rhode Island Ave(left) to St Matthew’s Cathedral. Then travel North on 17th or 18th Sts to Massachusetts Ave. Take a left and travel northwest to Rock Creek Park. Visit Kahlil Gibran Memorial Garden (between 30th and 34th Sts). Continue northwest on Mass Ave to the National Cathedral (at Wisconsin Ave).

      (Try to fit this in when time permits) Independence Ave (right) to Capitol vicinity (1st St). Park near Capitol – use tickets (see your Congressman or woman in advance) to gain entrance to rotunda. Cross street to Library of Congress Bldg(SE of Capitol), then walk North to Supreme Court Bldg. If time permits, walk East on Independence Ave to 7th St SE. Take a right on 7th St to Eastern Market. Get back in car and take Pennsylvania Ave NW past National Archives and Navy Memorial to 10th St. Take right on 10th to Ford’s Theatre (#511). If time permits, check out Discovery Channel Store (601 F St), one block north of theatre.


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