Waterfalls of the USA — New England

Everyone loves waterfalls! They seem to capture the fancy of adults and children with their noisy tranquility and grace. They are attractions wherever they exist and beckon to travelers that they must be seen to be believed. Some are delicate, some are thunderous; some form a wispy thread of water, some are wide; some descend in small cascades, some just tumble to the depths. TheĀ Waterfalls of the USA are a motley lot and can be found throughout the country.

This group of waterfalls is representative of New England.

Arethusa Falls, NH — A long but pleasant woodland trail reveals this curtain-like cascade along the Kancamagus highway.

Arethusa Falls

Shelburne Falls, MA — The adorable town of Shelburne Falls is named for these falls which have gouged out potholes in the granite.

Shelburne Falls

Glen Ellis Falls, NH — My favorite waterfall in the White Mountains is this 65-foot cascade just off Rte 16 near Pinkham Notch.

Glen Ellis Falls

The Flume, NH — The attraction known as The Flume is not a single waterfall but a series of cascades as Flume Brook tumbles down from the White Mountains.

The Flume

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