Watery Cities & Towns Around the World — Venice, Italy

         Worldwide there are many cities which have a water exposure since commerce via ship was always important. Thus, we have cities, such as Paris, St Louis, London, Bangkok, and Vienna,  which can be found on rivers; we have a large number of cities, such as New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, and Rio de Janeiro which lie on coastlines. However there a few cities which carry the concept of water exposure to the extreme. Water is an integral part of the city’s transportation system; it often replaces streets. These cities and town are always interesting to tourists since they are exceptions to the mainstream (pun?).

            Venice, Italy — Venice is the archetype of watery cities; it has been one of the most desirable destinations on Earth for hundreds of years. Nowhere is a canal system more developed and extensive. The Main Street of town is quite simply the Grand Canal.                   

A Palace on the Grand Canal

         Most every attraction in Venice can be accessed by boat.                    

Santa Maria della Salute Church

        The smaller, side canals are quieter and considerably more charming.                  

Venice Canal

          Even the Venetian suburbs, like Burano, are blessed with canals.                

Burano Canal

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