Western Caribbean Cruise — Epilogue 2

            Today I will continue my review of the cruise with more “favorites” chosen by my traveling companions. The questions for this post are the following:

          What was the best show on the cruise ship?

                 Five of our seven chose Claire Maidin, a lovely pianist and singer from England who wowed us with her Liberace-type numbers and her great singing voice.

                Marcia & Barbara picked the “Equinox” group who performed a cirque-de-soleil-type acrobatic program.

           What was the best food experience on board?

                Note that Celebrity has several alternative “restaurants” on board ship which offer fine dining and more sophisticated menus. These options also cost more but are often popular as a change of pace from the dining room.

                Judy & Jerry chose the Tuscany Grill, one of these alternative dining options (they were the only ones in our group to eat here)

               Four of the remainder (John, Barbara, Marcia, & Lee) picked the Murano (another fine dining establishment)

              I chose the Bistro on 5, another alternative dining location but a much more casual (and much cheaper) affair (I’m not much for the fine dining stuff)

          What was the best part of the cruise?

                This, of course, is an over-arching question which suggests a more basic question about cruising in general.

                Judy enjoyed the view from the upper deck at the stern of the ship

                Jerry liked the opportunity to relax that was afforded him on the ship

                John found the entertainment most satisfying

                Barbara & Lee loved the opportunity to dine and have fun with friends

                Marcia will always fondly remember the two sister ships, Celebrity Equinox and Royal Caribbean’s Splendor of the Seas docked side by side in Cozumel                                   

Sister Ships

                 Gary liked the itinerary, which was why he suggested this particular to the group when we were originally deciding what cruise ship and destination to select.

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