Western Caribbean Cruise — Epilogue 3

       This is the final installment of my review of the “favorites” of the cruise. We considered the following questions:

           What was the worst experience on the cruise?

                  Judy and Jerry both indicated events associated with her being in a wheelchair. She was traumatized riding the wheel chair lift from the tender in Belize. Jerry mentioned the difficulties of navigating the ship with a wheel chair.

                 Four of our group indicated some aspect of Celebrity’s (mis)handling the coordination of important elements of the cruise experience. John mentioned organization in general while others were more specific. Barbara disliked the handling of our Panama excursion; Marcia and Gary were appalled at the way the transfers at Fort Lauderdale Airport were handled when we arrived.

                  Lee was extremely disappointed with our first dining experience in the main dining room — they served cocktail shrimp in a cereal bowl (talk about presentation!)

             What was the best thing about the ship itself?

                    Four of us concentrated on the staff and service on board during the cruise; it was consistently excellent

                    John liked the entertainment

                    Barbara cited the many locations on the ship where it was possible to relax and enjoy the experience

                    Gary loved his veranda

             What on board activity was the most fun?

                    Four of us, including me, thought the “happy hours” were the most fun. This tells you a lot about us!

                    The other three (John, Barbara, & Marcia) had a blast at the progressive golf tournament

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