World Heritage Sites – Brazil

    Brazil is the largest country in South America and is also the most populous. It is blessed with quite a few natural wonders, especially the world’s largest river, the Amazon. UNESCO has rewarded the people of Brazil by designating a number of locations World Heritage Sites. Here are my favorites, along with photos to entice you to include this country in your travel plans for the future.
     1. Historic Town of Ouro Preto (1980)
         Ouro Preto Cityscape
     2. Historic Centre of Salvador de Bahia (1985)
         Pelourinho District, Salvador de Bahia   Church in Salvador de Bahia
     3. Iguacu National Park (1986)
         Iguacu Falls National Park    Another view of Iguacu Falls   Another view of Iguacu Falls
     4. Brasilia (1987)
         Brasilia, view from TV Tower    Federal District, Brasilia
     5. Central Amazon Conservation Complex (2000)
          Amazon River from the air   Water Lilies on the Amazon River
     6. Pantanal Conservation Area (2000)
         Capybara Family on the Pantanal


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