World Heritage Sites – Central America

    Central America is a narrow string of countries connecting North America with South America. Because of its location, as a choke-point for land travel between the two continents, there are numerous ancient Native American sites which fit the criteria of UNESCO and which have now been recognized with World Heritage status. Check out the best of theses places and also some natural areas and their photos below.
    1. Belize Barrier-Reef Reserve System (1996)
         Barrier Reef, Belize   A Barrier Reef Island, Belize
    2. La Amistad National Park, Costa Rica (1983)
             CLoud Forest in Amistad National Park, Costa Rica
    3. Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica (1997)
          Cocos Island National Park, Costa Rica
    4. Tikal National Park, Guatemala (1979)
         A Pyramid at Tikal, Guatemala   Another view of Tikal, Guatemala
    5. Antigua Guatemala (1979)
         City Gate, Antigua Guatemala    Church, Antigua Guatemala
    6. Maya Site of Copan, Honduras (1980)
         Heiroglyphic Stairway, Copan, Honduras    Overview of Copan, Honduras
    7. Fortifications on the Caribbean Side of Panama (Portobelo-San Lorenzo) (1980)
         Fortifications of Portobelo, Panama
    8. Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo & Historic District of Panama (2003)
         Cathedral, Panama Viejo   Royal Palace, Panama Viejo


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