10 Things To Do in Munich, Germany


            Munich, the capital of Bavaria and home of the powerful Wittelsbach family, is a great city to explore, either by bicycle or on foot. It has world-class museums and major tourist sights. In addition, it provides a convenient base of operations and entryway for the exploration of the Romantic Road and other destinations in southern Germany. Here are my favorite spots both in and out of the city.


       1. Stroll Around Marienplatz — The central square of the oldest part of the city is alive with activity throughout the day and night. Be sure to find an advantageous location to observe the glockenspiel performance.


       2. Have a Beer and German Food at the Hofbrauhaus — The most famous beer hall in the world is just minutes from Marienplatz. Listen to the “oom-pah” band as you enjoy some traditional German beer.


       3. Visit the Residenz — The winter home of the Bavarian ruling family is a large complex of elaborate and interesting buildings. One of the most delightful is the Cuvillies Theater.


       4. Have Fun at the Deutches Museum — This fantastic science museum offers hundreds of interactive exhibits on all aspects of science and technology. I loved the Chemistry area where visitors can mix chemicals together to see the results.


       5. Take the U-Bahn to Nymphenburg — Enter the world of power and luxury at this summer home of Bavarian kings. The grounds are spacious and manicured, while the palace is posh and elaborate.


       6. Check Out the Symbol of the City — Frauenkirche, Our Lady’s Church, with its twin, brick towers, is an easily recognized city landmark, just a short walk from Marienplatz.


       7. Stroll Through the Englischer Garten — This vast green space is a favorite getaway for both locals and tourists. The park offers many activities, including nude sun-bathing.


       8. Remember the Holocaust at Dachau — Hitler’s first concentration camp is just outside the city and is a stark and somber reminder of this ugly and embarassing time in German history.


       9. Go Baroque at Michaelskirche — This beautiful church has served as a model for subsequent Baroque structures in Bavaria. Many of the ruling Wittelsbachs were buried here.


       10. Visit the Alte Pinakothek — One of Germany’s best Art museums is located in Munich and merits a visit, especially for museum-lovers.


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