11 Things To Do in Quebec City, Canada

      The adorable city of Quebec is the closest place to find Europe in the New World. The proud, French-speaking town is compact and fun to stroll, with many interesting places to stop. My list of the best things to do in and around Quebec can be found below.
          1. Stay at or at least Visit the Chateau Frontenac — This dramatic hotel is one of the world’s most easily recognized lodging places. If you cannot stay here for several nights, at least stop in an have a drink on the patio, to enjoy the spectacular views.
          2. Stroll Around the Citadel — Formerly part of the city’s fortifications, this complex still houses an active military garrison. It is located adjacent to the famous Plains of Abraham, where British General Wolfe defeated the French, under Montcalm.
          3. Take the Funicular into Lower Town — Actually, it’s probably better to walk down into Lower Town, and take the funicular back up, since the stairs or roads leading from Lower Town to Upper Town are so steep. Either way, the view from the funicular is fantastic and not to be missed.
          4. Check Out the City Walls — Much of the original wall remains, reminding visitors of medieval European towns. The St Louis Gate is one of the best preserved of the original entryways.
          5. Wander Around Place Royale — One of the most charming of Quebec’s squares, this delightful area boasts much to see and is always crowded with tourists.
          6. Stroll Through the Plains of Abraham — As mentioned earlier, this park was once a pivotal battlefield in the history of not only Quebec, but of the entire country of Canada.
          7. Admire the Views Along Dufferin Terrace — This pathway along the cliffs on the St Lawrence River side of the city affords spectacular views of the Lower Town and the river.
          8. Do the Government Thing at the Provincial Parliament Building — This dramatic and stately building can be found just outside the Old Town. Its beautifully landscaped grounds make for a pleasant stroll.
          9. Visit Montmorency Falls — Although these falls are dwarfed by Niagara, there are, nevertheless, impressive, and can be found just a few miles outside the city.
          10. Make a Pilgrimage to Ste-Anne-du-Beupre Basilica — A visit to this beautiful church can be easily combined with a stop at Montmorency Falls (see #9 above). It is one of the most popular shrines in North America.
          11. Practice Your French at a Shop or Restaurant — French is the official language of Quebec Province, and many residents insist on its use. Be sure to bring a phrase-book and at least make an attempt to converse in French while you are here.


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