A Cultural Timeline of the World — 3100 BC to 2600 BC

My Cultural Timeline of the World Begins:

3100 – 2600 BC

3100 BC — Stonehenge* — This place has astronomical associations as well as being a necropolis, although very little is known of the builders.



The huge sarsen stones that characterize the site today were probably brought here between 2600 and 2400 BC.



The mysterious people who built Stonehenge were fixated on the solstices, and sunrise of the summer solstice and sunset of the winter solstice are still celebrated here. *= UNESCO World Heritage Site

3100 BC — First Dynasty of Egypt begins

3000 BC — First Use of Papyrus in Egypt — the forerunner of paper was developed in Egypt along with the first written language (Heiroglyphics)

2700 BC — Old Kingdom begins in Egypt

2700 BC — Minoan Civilization — 80,000 people are living in Knossos, on the island of Crete.

2600 BC — Mayan Civilization emerges in the Yucatan of Mexico

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