A Short Trip to Mont-Tremblant – Day Two

     Our full day in Mont-Tremblant began with a leisurely stroll, after breakfast, up the main street of the village, Rue des Ramparts. We checked out virtually every shop and restaurant. We even bought a few Christmas presents. Many of the shops here have the kind of unique items which you look forward to when traveling. I was able to find pins from the area as well. We stopped for a coffee at a little cafe, just the kind of thing we would do in Paris or Rome.
     Next, we left the pedestrian village to walk to another Mont-Tremblant village. We walked past the lake and the chapel, then realized that the place we were heading to was much farther than we anticipated. So, we turned around and walked back to get the car. We were disappointed when we finally reached this village by car — there was very little here except for two restaurants and many condominiums, so we returned to our hotel and had lunch in our room. Lee decided to conserve funds by packing cold cuts and soup so we could avoid eating out at lunch time. Because our Residence Inn has a small kitchenette, she could heat soup and toast bread, etc. After lunch, I rode the gondola (complimentary with the hotel stay) to the top of the mountain for incredible views of the entire region, including the village and numerous lakes. It was a long gondola ride, twelve minutes each way.
    When I returned, Lee and I left by car for the major town in the area, St Jovite, which is indentified as "centre-ville" on the highway. We parked the car and strolled the main street of the town, again stopping in many of the various shops. This took us much of the remainder of the afternoon, so we returned to our hotel. Wanting to avoid the great expense for supper that we incurred the first night, we walked around the village again, checking all the restaurant menus for prices and selections. We finally decided on Casey’s Bar and Grill, which was actually inside our hotel. We were very pleasantly surprised! Dinner was very good and fairly reasonable, considering where we are.
    Today, we leave for the United States. We will probably spend a night in Vermont before returning home to Rhode Island. I took more photos yesterday which I am posting along with this entry. 


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