A weekend in Lower Manhattan

      We spent a NYC weekend entirely in Lower Manhattan, Chelsea and south. Although the weather was not particularly good (clouds, fog, and some drizzle), we managed to enjoy the area immensely, discovering several new places in the process.

     We stayed at a cousin’s penthouse apartment with great views both south and north:

    Toward the south, we could see (with difficulty because of the fog) the new Ground Zero Memorial, under construction.

Ground Zero Memorial

  To the north, we could see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building.

Empire State & Chrysler Buildings

     We spent some time browsing the shops in the Chelsea Market, a very popular venue.

Chelsea Market

     One of New York City’s newest attractions is the High Line, an old El (raised subway line) attractively converted into a paved and landscaped walking path. It was a delightful walk despite the weather.

The High Line

    The High Line travels both above and below buildings in its trip from about 12th Street to 30th street.

The High Line

  We also spent some time at South Street Seaport, a shopping, dining, and pier area on the Lower East Side.

South Street Seaport

  On the way to the seaport, we passed the Ste. Anne Seton Church, attractively juxtaposed against several extremely tall buildings.

Ste Anne Seton Church


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