Architectural Wonders of the 21st Century

      This post launches a new series on my website which will chronicle some of the greatest architectural structures in the history of the world. They will be listed and briefly described by century. Photo albums will follow each post.
      21st Century
         Even though the 21st century is quite young, there have already been several significant architectural structures built or in process.
             1. Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California, USA — This glittering steel structure was designed by noted architect Frank Gehry and completed in 2003. It has already become a desired venue for important entertainment events.
             2. Taipei 101, Taipei, Taiwan, Nationalist China — This incredible mega-structure towers 91 stories and 1667 feet. It was built in 2004.
             3. Shanghai World Financial Centre, Shanghai, China — The tallest building on the Asian mainland reaches 101 stories and 1614 feet. It was completed in 2008.
             4. Burj Dubai – Scheduled for completion in September of 2009, this building is already the tallest in the world. It continues Dubai’s emergence onto the world stage as a tourist destination par excellence. It will rise to 2864 feet and contain 160 floors.
             5. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong, China — This building, already the tallest in Hong Kong, a city of skyscrapers, is scheduled for completion sometime in 2010. It is scheduled to reach 1588 feet in height.
             6. Chicago Spire, Chicago, Illinois, USA — Like a huge, twisted screw, this phenomenal structure, still in the planning stages, will dominate the Chicago Skyline, already one of the world’s most spectacular, when it is completed. Construction has begun, but is now on hold, because of the worldwide financial downturn. Plans are for the structure to reach 2000 feet, with 150 floors of habitable space. 
             7. Freedom Tower, New York, New York, USA — The long awaited replacement and memorial to the Twin Towers, destroyed in 2001, is expected to be completed in 2013. It will rise 1776 feet and contain 108 stories.
             8. Hydropolis, Dubai — Another installment in Dubai’s future, this Underwater Hotel and Resort is expected to be completed sometime in 2013. It will rest 66 feet below the surface of the Persian Gulf.


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