Best 250 Travel Destinations in the World (according to Gary) — Installment 14 — # 171-175

              Asia, Africa, and Europe are highlighted in this interesting grouping of the best travel destinations in the world, according to Gary.

              175.  Hanoi, Vietnam — The capital of Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam is a city of lakes and of French Colonial elegance. It lies on the banks of the Red River. There are several important temples and pagodas which are the focus of tourist visits. (Walking Tour available on website)

             174.  Timbuktu, Mali — There is an air of mystery and a feeling of desolation surrounding people’s conception of Timbuktu, perhaps associated with visions of the place from old movies about Africa. The city is located at the southern edge of the Sahara Desert and became important as the terminus of the caravan trade route from West Africa to the Mediterranean Sea. It is still important commercially for the salt trade. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)

             173.  Bath, England —  This is a beautiful city of Georgian architecture with Roman echoes. The Roman Bath is the major, but by no means the only tourist attraction. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)                     

Roman Bath

             172.  Luzerne, Switzerland — This medieval gem of a Swiss city on the banks of Lake Lucerne, beneath the imposing presence of Mt Pilatus is positively enchanting. Walk through the Kapelbrucke (Chapel Bridge), a long, covered bridge over the Reuss River, to relive the history of Switzerland. Panels beneath the roof of the bridge chronicle the major events that have occurred in this peaceful country over the years. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)                        


             171.  Nara, Japan — This ancient capital of Japan was founded in 710 AD. Its most noteworthy attraction is Daibutsu-den (Hall of the Great Buddha), the largest wooden building in the world. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)

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