Best 250 Travel Destinations in the World (according to Gary) — Installment 22 — #131-135

           Four great cities and one of Hawaii’s loveliest islands are included in the grouping of Gary’s best travel destinations in the world. This asseblage is concentrated in Europe and the Americas.

                  135.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Canada’s largest city is a modern metropolis on Lake Ontario. Its skyline contains the iconic CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world. Although winter temperatures are frigid, Toronto offers an underground city with shops, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment so that residents and visitors alike can keep warm.  (Walking Tour available on website) 


           134.  Copenhagen, Denmark — The quintessential Scandinavian city of Copenhagen has the longest pedestrian-only street in Europe. Many of the city’s attractions can be accessed from this road. The symbol of the city is the Little Mermaid, a lovely sculpture sitting on a rock in the harbor. The beloved Tivoli Gardens may be the oldest amusement park in the world. (Walking Tour available on website)

             133.  Kauai, Hawaii, USA — The “garden isle” offers great beauty and rugged, pristine wilderness as well as fantastic beaches, such as Lumahai Beach, made famous in the movie, South Pacific.

Lumahai Beach

                132.  Buenos Aires, Argentina — This is the most European city in South America. Its stately architecture, broad avenues, and squares evoke an earlier time. The city is known far and wide for the Tango, an extremely sensual dance that captivates all who see it. (Walking Tour available on website)

            131.  Edinburgh, Scotland — Climb to the top of Calton Hill for a glorious view of Edinburgh, from Old Town to New Town. Walk the Royal Mile from Edinburgh castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse to find the essence of Scotland.  (Walking Tour available on website) 

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