Best 250 Travel Destinations in the World (according to Gary) — Installment 35 — #66-70

            Visitors will find some incredible scenery in several of these locations. Big city lovers will also approve of this group, certainly some of the best travel destinations in the world.

               70.  Capetown, Republic of South Africa — This city is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in the world because of its setting, sprawled around and including Table Mountain with its two peaks, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head. The City Bowl is the center of this thriving metropolis and the location of most of the sights of interest to the tourist. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)

               69.  Monument Valley, Arizona, USA — Some of the most dramatic scenery in the world can be experienced in this Native American Tribal Park in northeastern Arizona. The area is replete with mesas and buttes rising above the stark and flat landscape, images that recall the classic American Westerns which were filmed here.                        

Monument Valley

               68.  Mexico City, Mexico — This sprawling capital city, one of the most populous in the world, is built over the ancient city of Tenochtitlan, which stood on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco. After it was destroyed by Cortez in 1519, the lake was filled in and a Spanish city was begun on the site. The main temple of that ancient city has been found beneath Mexico City’s main square, Plaza de la Constitucion, or the Zocalo. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website)                           

Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City

               67.  Delhi, India — This city, one of the oldest in the world, is a paradox of old and new, of British and Indian, of rich and poor. The sights of the city can be conveniently divided into three areas. Old Delhi is a walled enclave with narrow streets now populated principally by Muslims. (Walking Tour available for purchase on website). New Delhi, the more modern part of the city, features the elegant and very pompous architecture erected during the period of British rule. South Delhi is the suburb of the city. It houses only one major attraction, the Quth Complex.

               66.  Bali, Indonesia — This island is very popular with tourists because it is relatively unspoiled and balances the juxtaposition of the modern with the traditional very well. Perhaps the most enduring sight from any visit to Bali is an excursion to the rice terraces which dot the countryside.

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