Best of Acadia National Park

    As the only national park in the populous northeast, Acadia is extremely popular, visited by millions each year. It is a patchwork of properties, linked together by roads, incorporating whole villages, several islands, and small communities. There is even a section of the park which is almost an hour away from the main area.

     One of the park’s main features are the carriage roads, financed by the Rockefellers. They have been incorporated into the park’s road system and are also used by bicyclists.

    The bulk of Acadia National Park is located on Mount Desert Island whose most prominent landmark is Cadillac Mountain.

 Other notable spots along the main park road are examples of the rugged Maine coastline, with its many rocky beaches.

  Otter Cliffs is another of these places.

Otter Cliffs

 Another section of the park features a freshwater pond with several mound-shaped hills, known as the Beehives.

The Beehives

  One of the communities which adjoin the park is Bass Harbor, which features a lovely lighthouse.

Bass Harbor Light


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