Best of Atlanta

     Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is a huge, modern city. It certainly does not have a wealth of attractions like New York, for instance. However, there are a number of worthwhile stops for the tourist that should be mentioned here.

     Atlanta was the original home of the Coca-Cola Company, and Coca-Cola World is a fitting tribute to its long and distinguished history.

Coca-Cola World

  Nearby is an entrance into Atlanta’s Underground, a shopping area beneath the city with easy access to public transport.

Underground Atlanta

 Atlanta is also home to millionaire Ted Turner’s news empire, CNN. The headquarters offers tours of the facility.

CNN Studios

   The Olympics of 1996 were held in Atlanta. One remnant of the games, which were marred by a bomb, is Olympic Park, a popular place for visitors and locals.

Olympic Park

    Just outside the city limits is the most popular attraction in this part of Georgia. Stone Mountain is a recreation area centered around a giant rock sculpture of the three (3) most famous figures of the Confederacy, Robert E Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson, cut into a huge monolithic boulder.

Stone Mountain

    The recess which houses the figures is about 100 feet by 200 feet.

Close-up of Stone Mountain Carvings


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