Best of Bangkok

    Bangkok is one of the world’s most interesting cities. It is large and sprawling, occupying both sides of the Chao Praya River. Traffic is horrible and the streets are dirty, but the people are lovely and friendly, there is much to see, and the shopping is extraordinary. Be sure to have a suit or shirt or some other type of clothing made while you are there — the turn around time is short and the prices are fantastic.

         You can sample some of the best the city has to offer with the help of a Tuk-tuk, a small motorized rickshaw-like vehicle, powered by a noisy and smoky lawn mower engine. Drivers are available all over the city and will treat you to a city tour for very little money.

     Must-sees in Bangkok include the Grand Palace, an extravagant complex of many buildings, including the famous Emerald Buddha Temple

Wat Phra Kaew grounds

and the beautiful palace itself.

Grand Palace

   Another interesting stop is the Golden Mount which offers great views of the city from the top of the spiralling ramp.

Golden Mount

    The Giant Standing Buddha at Wat Intherawihan is a bit kitschy but interesting, nonetheless.

Giant Standing Buddha

  Another lovely complex can be found at the Marble Temple.

Marble Temple

  A Thai Dancing Show is also a requisite activity while in the city. The beautiful costumes and intriguing music complement the scene (see Best of Thailand post on May 30, 2011)..

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