Best of Beijing

    The capital of China is an important entry point into this fascinating country because it possesses many significant tourist attractions, while also illustrating how China is changing, becoming more modern.

      The most important sight in the city is the Forbidden City, once off-limits for all but the elite. Now it is open to all and is constantly crowded with visitors. It is truly a city within a city, with numerous buildings, courtyards, waterways, and menacing walls.

Entrance to Forbidden City

     Once inside, the architecture is amazing and there is so much to see.

Gate of Heavenly Purity

     The emperor even had his own private garden at the rear of the complex.

In the Emperor's Garden

    The entrance to the Forbidden City is on one side of Tiananmen Square, one of the world’s largest public spaces.

Tiananmen Square

   Also nearby is one of Beijing’s favorite city parks, Beihai Park.

Beihai Park

    The Temple of Heaven is another of the city’s most beloved landmarks.

Temple of Heaven

      On the outskirts of the city is the Summer Palace of the emperors.

Hall of Longevity, Summer Palace

     A sign of the “new” China is Bird’s Nest Stadium, built for the Summer Olympics of 2008.

Bird's Nest Stadium


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