Best of Boston

      The city of Boston is a remarkable blend of old and new. It was the cradle of American liberty, the location of the Boston Tea Party, and home to many of the most vocal members of the “Sons of Liberty.” Yet the city is modern and chic, with steel and glass skyscrapers, an active financial center, wonderful restaurants, and great museums.

      As a New Englander, Boston is the Mecca, the place people around here go to have a good time or to sample culture.

     The city’s two best museums are the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), which contains an excellent collection which ranges from Egyptian to modern,

Museum of Fine Arts

and the Boston Science Museum, a quintessential, hands-on museum.

Boston Museum of Science

 Boston has many examples of fine architecture; Trinity Church is an illustration.

Trinity Church

    The most popular tourist attraction in the city is the Freedom Trail, a walk which incorporates a large number of locations in the city associated with America’s Revolutionary War period. This walk often begins at the Old State House.

Old State House

 Boston’s skyline is also dramatic.

Boston Skyline

 Faneuil Hall and the Quincy Market are a Mecca for shoppers, tourists, and locals. It is a favorite gathering place and a fun to place to have lunch or just people-watch.

Faneuil Hall


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