Best of Bratislava

     The capital of Slovakia is an adorable city to visit. It is only about 50 miles from Vienna, so is an easy day trip and very worthwhile. The Old Town is quaint and eminently walkable.

           There is a lovely Main Square which is a primary gathering place.

Main Square, Bratislava

    Around the corner is the Primate Palace, an elegant former residence which is now a museum. The bathrooms, alone, are worth the visit.

Primate Palace

     In the inner courtyard is a statue of St George slaying a Dragon.

St George Slaying a Dragon

     Michaelska Street is lined with shops and leads from St Michael’s Gate to the center of Old Town.

Michaelska Street

     The most prominent building in the Old Town is Bratislava Castle, an orange-colored structure high above the city.

Bratislava Castle



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