Best of British Columbia

     Canada’s westernmost province contains a potpourri of desirable tourist locations, offering a large variety of activities and sights. There are modern cities with all the typical urban attractions; there are mountains offering incredible scenery and winter activities; there are coastal locations which provide various martime activities, and there are superlative national parks.

     In the eastern part of the province are several national parks, two of which are contiguous with Banff National Park in Alberta (see “Best of Alberta”). They are Yoho National Park which features Canada’s tallest waterfall, Takkakaw Falls,

Takkakaw Falls, Yoho NP

and Kootenay National Park which offers visitors a chance to “take the waters” of Radium Hot Springs.

Radium Hot Springs, Kootenay NP

  West of these two gems is another national park at Mount Revelstoke. The village of Revelstoke at the base of the mountain is charming.

Revelstoke, BC

 On the Pacific Ocean, at the far western end of the province is the city of Vancouver, a world class city with much to offer the tourist. Stanley Park, its most famous city park, has many things to do for locals and travelers. There is a Totem Pole Park which harkens to the Native Americans of the region.

Totem Poles, Stanley Park

The park also provides a wonderful view of the city skyline.

Vancouver Skyline

   Just north of Vancouver is the charming ski village of Whistler, where the alpine events of the 2010 Winter Olympics were held. The Sea to Sky Highway is a lovely scenic drive that connects Whistler with Vancouver.

Sea to Sky Highway Vista

  The town of Whistler features pedestrian-only paths with shops and restaurants along the way.

Whistler Village

 West of Vancouver, on Vancouver Island, is the capital of British Columbia, the enchanting and beautiful city of Victoria. The most tourist-oriented part of the city surrounds the Inner Harbor. One of the main attractions is the Parliament Building.

Parliament Building

  Just north of Victoria is the island’s most popular tourist sight, Butchart Gardens, an exquisite display of color and landscaping.

Sunken Garden


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