Best of Brussels

    Brussels is an extremely interesting and dynamic city. The people are friendly and the Old Town is fairly compact and pleasant to walk. Grand Place, the main square of the Old Town is easily one of Europe’s most beautiful and elegant gathering places. It is surrounded by many Guild Houses, headquarters for the various trades that controlled commerce and capitalism from the 1300s through the 1500s. The buildings are elaborate and often gilded (pun) since the craftsman were always in competition with other trades. Check out the lovely buildings as you stroll the square.

Guild Houses on Grand Place

    Another striking structure on Grand Place is Brussels’ Town Hall (Hotel de Ville).

Town Hall

     Not far from the Grand Place is the unusual symbol of Brussels, Manneken Pis, basically a young boy urinating.

Manneken Pis

    Not all the squares in Brussels are dressed with beautiful buildings. An adorable square up the hill from Grand Place is known as Place du Petit Sablon. It is characterized by landscaped hedges and numerous statues.

Place du Petit Sablon

    The Royal Palace is at the top of the hill mentioned above. It is characteristically regal and elegant.

Royal Palace


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