Best of Charleston

     The city of Charleston, South Carolina is replete with charm and the ambience of the Old South. Here you will find classic pre-Victorian cottages and, outside the city, Antebellum plantations. The city was the scene of the first battle of the Civil War, the bombing of Fort Sumter, and has managed to preserve its Deep South roots while it has emerged into the Modern Era.

      Charleston is a special place, best savored by walking its tree-lined streets. The section of the city near the Battery is the most popular with tourists, and for good reason. In this area is displayed the wealth for which the city was famous.

     A cruise to Fort Sumter is a good way to start your visit. The boat ride is not too long and is filled with Civil War history.

Fort Sumter

   After your visit plan to spend several hours walking the Battery neighborhood. Houses here are oriented sideways, because the amount of frontage on the street determined your real estate tax. Thus, property owners had narrow but deep lots and what we would consider the front door was on the side of the property.

A Charleston House

    One famous group of homes is known as Rainbow Row, for obvious reasons.

Rainbow Row

     Church Street was named for the presence of St Philip’s Church, another Charleston landmark.

St Philip's Church

   Just outside the city is Magnolia Plantation, preserved to recall the glory days of the southern plantation.

Magnolia Plantation


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