Best of Chicago

    The beast of the Midwest is a very special city. It is a classic example of working class city which has aged beautifully, becoming much more cultured and refined in the process. Chicago has some of the best museums, parks, and shopping in the world.

      In my opinion, Chicago has one of the most beautiful skylines in the world (along with Hong Kong). Perhaps it is the juxtaposition with Lake Michigan that seems to contrast with the buildings. At night it is magical.

Chicago Skyline

  One of my favorite buildings in the world is the Water Tower.

Water Tower

  The Sears (now the Willis) Tower was once the tallest building in the world. Views from its observation desk are stunning.

Willis Tower

  The Navy Pier juts out into Lake Michigan and is a haven for the young or the young-at-heart.

Navy Pier

 The Buckingham Fountain has a backdrop of tall buildings.

Buckingham Fountain

 Lincoln Park is one of the city’s great gathering places, because there is so much to do.

Lincoln Park


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